A Distraction

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Jerry, a college freshman, was sitting in his English class. His teacher noticed that he wasn't paying attention, so asked to see him after class. Jerry went up to the teacher's desk, and waited while the teacher was talking to a attractive freshman girl. When he was done, he said, "Jerry, why weren't you paying attention in my class?" "I was staring at the hot babe you were just talking to," Jerry said.
"But don't get any ideas," Jerry said, "you're way to old for her."
"Oh, really?" the teacher said. "Yeah, you're old enough to be her father!" said Jerry.
"This talk is over!" said the teacher. Jerry starts to walk out when the teacher says, "And by the way, Jerry, next class don't stare at my daughter!"

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Posted by MissSmartySkort Jun 14, 2006

lol that's funny!!!

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Posted by RustyDQ Jun 15, 2006

Hey, who's in charge of checking the spelling on this site?

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Posted by 5600113 Jun 15, 2006

3rd smiley,nice!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by mellew Jun 15, 2006

Yes, please check your spelling next time!

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Posted by DanceSp5 Jun 19, 2006

Sorry about the spelling on this joke I wrote it at about 40 a.m Please understand that i was very sleepy. Enjoy my joke anyway!!!!!

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Posted by MissSmartySkort Jun 19, 2006

I don't know if we can do that. Just kidding it's funny! :-)

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Posted by scouttrooper Jul 23, 2006

40, lol.

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Posted by salem33466 Mar 03, 2007

umm that was a pretty gay joke. next time right jokes in the afternoon....maybe they'll be better!!!

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Posted by Fathead Sep 04, 2012

Rusty, that would be us.

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