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Abortion - Near Life Experience
Bald - Follically liberated
Blind - Photonically non-receptive
Bum - Displaced homeowner
Cannibalism - Intra-Species dining
Censorship - Selective speech
Cheating (Marriage) - Post-Marital Affairs
Cheating (School) - Academic Dishonesty
Clumsy - Uniquely coordinated
Corpse - Permanently static post-human mass
Cowboys - Bovine control officers
Crime Rate - Street activity index
Dead - Living impaired
Deaf - Visually oriented
Delicatessen - Corpse Farm
Dish Washer - Utensil Sanitizer
Fat - Person of substance
Gas Station Attendant - Petroleum Transfer Technician
Hunter - Meat Mercenary
Idiot - Factually Unencumbered
Insane Person - Selectively Perceptive
Midget - Vertically Challenged

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Posted by Question_Sleep Jun 12, 2006

I got these at www.pcphrases.com

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