The Train Journey II

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Four priests board a train for a long journey to a church council conference. Shortly into the trip one priest says, "Well, we've worked together for many years now, but we don't really know each other. I suggest we tell each other one of our sins to get better acquainted."

They look nervously at one another, but agree.
The first priest says, "Since it was my idea, I'll go first. With me, it's the drink. Once a year, I take off my collar and go out of town to a pub and drink myself senseless for a few days; get it out of my system."

They look at one another again, and eventually the next priest stands up. "Well, with me it's gambling. Every now and then, I nick some money from the poor box, and go to the races. Gamble the lot; but I've got it out of my system."

The third priest nervously stands up and says, "This is very difficult for me. My sin is much worse; I take off my collar and go to the red light district, pick up a girl, and spend a whole week with her; but I've got it out of my system."

They all look at the fourth priest. "Come on, we've all told our worst sins, now it's your turn."

"Well," he starts, "I'm an inveterate gossip, and I can't wait to get off this train!"

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Posted by Shastaki Jun 11, 2006

It's okay, but I thought it would have a better ending.

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