Mommy's Washcloth

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There was this lady who was in the shower and her little boy walked in on her taking a shower & he saw her pubic hairs and says:
"Mommy what's that?" as he pointed down to her.
"Well, that's Mommy's washcloth."

The next day he walked in on her again, and asked her again. She says it was her washcloth. Well, this time when he walked out she shaved it off because she got tired of him asking.

So the next day when he walked in on her, he asks:
"Mommy what happened to your washcloth?"
"Uh, Mommy lost it." So the little boy walked out.

The next day he walked in on his mom and says:
"Hey Mommy, the maid found your washcloth. She is washing Daddy's face with it!"

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Jul 09, 2006

waite... does this mean that the little boy found the woman made rubbing her pubic hairs on his dad's face?!! Gross

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 07, 2006

were they not having oral sex?

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Posted by sweetmariah Aug 07, 2006

that doesn't make sense.

Comment score: 2  

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