Making Bread

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Holiday Banana Bread:

Ingredients: 2 laughing eyes, 2 loving arms, 2 well shaped legs, 2 firm milk containers, 1 fur-lined mixing bowl, 1 large banana

Instructions: 1 - look into laughing eyes and hold loving arms.

2 - Spread well shaped legs slowly.

3 - Squeeze & massage milk containers until the fur-lined mixing bowl is well greased - check with middle finger.

4 - Add banana, work up and down until well creamed.

5 - Lower nuts and sigh with relief. When banana is soft, bread is done!

6 - Be sure to wash mixing utensils, but "do not lick the bowl." NOTE: If bread rises, leave town.

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Posted by Shastaki Jun 08, 2006

Eww. Sick.

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Posted by qwerty123 Jun 09, 2006


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Posted by Question_Sleep Jun 11, 2006

That's just sick. Hilarious! High five!

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Posted by mellew Jun 16, 2006

O.k... really no comment on THAT one!

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Posted by GoHarryPottercs Jun 28, 2006

Oh and becuz i 4got 2 mention it be4 - this is an AWESUM JOKE! I LUV IT!

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