Some More One Liners II

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She used to have a broad mind and a narrow waist; now it's the other way round.

It was a very emotional wedding; even the cake was in tiers.

Psychic wanted – you know why, and where to apply.

I don't think they really wanted me in the marching band – they gave me a piano.

Then, when we played hide and seek, no-one came to look for me.

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Posted by boodler Jul 01, 2006

Someone tried to "correct" this joke, by totally misunderstanding that "the cake was in tiers" was a pun on "tears", and tried to make it "tears". Perhaps that person is on the wrong site?

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Posted by enderofgames Jun 11, 2007

No, they are probably just dumb. Great joke!!! Into the favs!!!

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