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There was once this guy who was on a quest to cross the Sahara desert solo, we will call him Simon, for that is a good name for a camel rider. Well he started out and things were going along just fine for weeks, however gradually he noticed a change in his camel, slowly but surely it seemed to be traveling slower and slower.

It had been a while since he had drunk water but camels were supposed to be able to survive for long periods without water he thought to himself. Well eventually the poor ol' camel just stopped altogether.

"Great!" thought Simon, "now I'm really in trouble". After some time trying to pull the camel, push the camel and do anything he could to get the camel moving, he was resigned to the fact that he wasn't going anywhere fast.

Suddenly, almost out of nowhere this guy comes driving up to him in a small truck with a sign on the side "Camel Starters R US". Well Simon couldn't believe his luck. "This is unbelievable!" he says as the truck approaches.

The driver leans out the window and says "Got some camel trouble there buddy?" The reply was swift, "Sure have, can you help?." "Sure I can," says the driver and before you know it he has the camel up on the back of the truck and he says to Simon "Hop in."

After a bit of a drive they arrive at what appears to be the Camel Starters R US workshop. The driver loads the camel onto the mechanics 'pit' and proceeds down underneath to look at the underside of the camel. "Yep, I can see what the problem is there I'll have your camel started in no time matey. Sometimes they just get a bit disoriented and lose their way, but we know the trick to get 'em going again, don't you worry." "Fantastic" Simon replies.

The driver then grabs a couple of bricks extends his arms out horizontally and brings them together in a mighty thump right on the camels balls. VRRRROOOOOOOMMMMMMMM... the camel is gone in a plume of dust. "Incredible, look at him go!" says Simon "But I just have one problem, the camel is definitely started, but how the heck am I going to catch him?" The driver responds, "Hop up on that stand for me son."

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Posted by Source Jul 07, 2003

This joke was really good

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Posted by SamanthaGold Jul 27, 2005


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