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A man walks into a bar and notices that there is a game of poker taking place at a table in the corner of the room.
To his amazement, one of the players is a German Shepherd, studying his hand intently.
He asks the barman, "Is that dog actually playing poker?"
"He certainly is, sir," replies the barman.
"I am amazed," said the man.
"Oh, it's quite true, every night, the same group comes in here and they all play poker."
"Does the dog win much?" asks the man.
"No, he's terrible, every time he gets a good hand, his tail starts to wag!"

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Posted by girliepie Jun 03, 2006

Pretty cool! Originals are always nice

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Posted by fauck Jun 23, 2006

what does this mean?

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Posted by Sassy_101 Jul 06, 2006

Let's just say that the dog doesn't have a very good poker face ............or poker tail

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Posted by fauck Jul 09, 2006


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Posted by DennysGirl Nov 29, 2006

Fauck, everytime the dog gets happy his tail wags. So when he gets a good hand, everybody knows. Get it now?

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Posted by triskit Jul 18, 2007

i get it, its just not funny.

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