Oh, Honey

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A women said to her boyfriend "Oh, honey... are we doing anything this weekend?" Her boyfriend on the other side of the room said "Yeah, of course" The woman said "Oh, honey. That's great! What are we doing?" "Sunday... it's just you, me, the T.V., and that big comfy couch!" he said. "Oh, honey... does this mean what I think it means!?" she said. She jumped up excitedly. "Oh, honey... you want to watch the Super Bowl too!"

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Posted by bubbles101007 Jun 02, 2006

i don't relle get it

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Posted by orange_syrup Jun 03, 2006

his girlfriend thought he was talkin to her when he was talking but he was talking on the phone with a friend

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Posted by girliepie Jun 03, 2006


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