A Couple of Animal Jokes

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Two kangaroos were living in a zoo pen with a 20-foot high fence.
One morning, both kangaroos were found wandering around the zoo, and were quickly put back in their pen, and the fence was put up to 30 feet.
Next morning, they were found outside again, so the fence was made 40 feet high.
The fence got up to 60 feet, and still the kangaroos were outside in the morning.
One kangaroo says to the other, "How high will they make this fence, do you think?"
"Don't know," says the second. "Depends when they discover they're not locking the gate."

An elephant walks into a pub and orders a drink. He's sipping his beer when a man starts playing the piano.
The elephant looks over, and bursts into tears.
"Why are you crying?" asks the barman. "Does the tune have some special significance for you?"
"No," wails the elephant, "it's just that I recognize the keys!"


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Posted by marigold Jun 02, 2006

Those are hilarious!!!

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Posted by undercover_joker Jun 02, 2006

I didnt really like the first one but the second was o.k!

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Posted by girliepie Jun 03, 2006

Really cute!

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Posted by honey_11 Jun 03, 2006

dont get the second one?

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Posted by boodler Jun 04, 2006

The white keys are made of ivory, and the keys on this particular piano were made from his dad's tusks (!) If you believe that, you can knit fog!

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Posted by ntsoaky Nov 24, 2006

I actually liked the 1st one better. They r funny

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Posted by j_mon Jul 31, 2007

I agree with the last comment.

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