The Phone Call

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Pete's at work when he realises he's forgotten to ask his wife, Alison, where he should pick her up after work.
He calls home, and after several seconds, Ali answers the phone.
Pete asks his question, and Ali shouts, "You got me out of the bath to ask me that? I dashed to the phone; I haven't even got a towel over me, I'm dripping water in the hall! Pick me up in the square at 5.30!"
As soon as Ali tells him she's naked and wet in the hall, an evil thought occurs to him. "I'm terribly sorry to have got you out of the bath; ok, see you at 5.30 then."
As he hangs up, he calls to his mate, Mark, and outlines his plan, and starts to dial his home number, then gives Mark the phone.
When Ali answers the phone, Mark says, "Hi, Ali, is Pete ho... Oh, look at you! and all wet, too!"

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Posted by brain_dead May 30, 2006

i'm srry but that was a little confusing to follow

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Posted by honey_11 May 31, 2006


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Posted by bubbles101007 May 31, 2006

confusing... i don't get it

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Posted by boodler Jun 01, 2006

if Pete can call back before Ali gets a towel, she'll still be naked, so Mark is to pretend he can see her which is why he says "look at you" so Ali, without thinking that of course Mark can't see her, screams

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