Honey I Can't Perform!

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A newly married man was discussing his honeymoon. He says to his buddy at lunch, "Last night, I rolled over, tapped my beautiful young wife on the shoulder, gave her a wink, and we had ourselves a performance! Later that night, about 2 o'clock, I rolled over, gave my sweetie a nudge, and we had ourselves another performance. Well, being so newly married and not yet tired of the task, I waited quietly in bed while my beauty slept until I couldn't wait any longer. It was 4 o'clock when I gave her a little nudge. She opened her blue eyes and smiled sweetly. We immediately had ourselves a rehearsal."
"A rehearsal?" his buddy asks, "Don't you mean a performance?"

"No, because a rehearsal is when nobody comes."

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Posted by datra16 May 27, 2003

:O oh my gosh!

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Posted by dsquared May 27, 2003

Yep, that sums it up Daisy! :O

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Posted by Drunky May 28, 2003


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Posted by hockychic Jul 20, 2005

i dont get it

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Posted by DanceSp5 Jun 23, 2006

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