Deft Definations

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GOSSIP: something that no one claims to like but everyone enjoys.

To a geographer: The shortest distance between two curves!
To a physicist: The contradiction of mouth due to expansion of heart.
To an accountant: A credit because it is profitable when returned.

OBESITY: A surplus gone to waist.

OLD AGE: When you wink at a woman and she says, "Anything wrong with your eye, Uncle?"

RAINCOAT: Thunder wear!

WRITER'S CRAMP: Authoritis!

HEMOPHILLIA: A disease of blood with affinity (philia) to "he" (male) only.

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Posted by girliepie Jun 05, 2006

this joke is

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Posted by ntsoaky Nov 17, 2006

The old age one tore me to bits!! But why the low rating?

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