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In Midtown Manhattan a police officer arrives at the scene of what appears to be a bad accident. A pedestrian is lying in the crosswalk. The driver of the car under suspicion says, "I swear I didn't touch him! I saw him at the crosswalk, I came to a complete stop, motioned for him to cross, and he fainted."

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Posted by Drunky May 25, 2003

Can someone explain this one to me? I dont quite understand.

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Posted by Gizzer May 26, 2003

The pedestrian fainted because a car actually STOPPED for him.

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Posted by Drunky May 26, 2003

Lol oh. Guess I shoulda known that since I was nearly run over 2 times when I visited NY

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Posted by Quado Sep 17, 2003

He he, that is pretty funny ;)

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