A Bear and a Rabbit

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A bear and a rabbit are walking together and they find a magic lamp. They decide to rub it and a genie comes out. The genie says, "Thank you for releasing me I will give you both 3 wishes."

The bear thinks and says, "I wish all the other bears in this forest were lady bears." Then the rabbit says, "I wish for a little motorcycle that is perfect for me." The genie grants both wishes.

Then the bear decides his second will be for all the bears in the country besides him to be female The rabbit wishes for a little helmet that fits his head and has holes for his ears.

Then the bear says, "Why not have all the bears in the world be girls." Then the rabbit, thinking quickly, says, "I wish the bear was gay," and speeds off on his motorbike.

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Posted by Drunkmandriving May 27, 2003

Good but I've heard this one before.

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Posted by Source Jul 07, 2003

I really liked this one

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Posted by Jokester Feb 24, 2008

You know gay ALSO means happy. So the bear can just be happy

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