Funnel and Coin

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My first job was working in an office at my cubicle. Unfortunately, they put me on the floor with a bunch of pranksters.

While I was doing my work, I saw one a co-worker with a funnel down his pants, trying to catch a coin with it, for fun. He would throw the coin in the air, and then catch it with the funnel. I found this very interesting, so when it was lunch break, I asked them if I could try it. The co-worker handed me a funnel and coin, and told me to put the funnel down my pants, and down my underpants if I wanted.

I put it down my pants, and started playing. I caught the coin a couple of times, and I continued for a while. The co-worker left to get cold water to drink, and when he came back to me, he accidentally tripped and fell, purposely putting the cup into the funnel, which travelled down to my underwear. He began laughing really hard, because my it looked like I'd peed myself.

I had to work like that for the rest of the day, and everyone got their little laugh throughout that time.

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Posted by honey_11 Apr 18, 2006

aww! i feel so bad for you! that would be funny though, but i would have probably laughed at myself and then i would get em bk

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Posted by lostinspace Apr 18, 2006

It isn't me. My friend emailed me that story and it was written in first person (by the one who it happened to) so I left it that way.

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Apr 23, 2006


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Posted by honey_11 Apr 26, 2006

ohhh i got ya...but it's still funny

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Posted by Gibberish515 May 08, 2006

lol that sucks.

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