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"Did ya hear I got married?"
"Oh, that's good."
"No, that's bad! She's ugly!"
"Oh, that's bad."
"No, that's good! She's rich."
"Oh, that's good!"
"No, that's bad! She won't give me a cent."
"Oh, that's bad."
"No, that's good! She bought me servants and a big house"
"Oh, that's good."
"No, that's bad! The house burnt down."
"Oh, that's bad."
"No, that's good! She was in it."

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Posted by tissue Mar 16, 2003

LOL! That's good.

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Posted by Grim10 Jan 28, 2006

HA HA! Great, and ouch!

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Posted by smart_one7595 Feb 06, 2006

THIS JOKE IS GOOD,it isn't bad

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Posted by Jokester Mar 01, 2008

heard it before, it was about an airplane

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