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One time, when there was a hope for mankind, some blonds appeared in front of a judge. The judge said, "You can either have world peace or keep your cellular phones and get electrocuted."

So the blond takes out her cellular phone and the judge says; "What are you doing?" and she simply says; "Im phoning a friend."

Now I'm not sure what happened after that because no one saw this blond ever again!

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Posted by lyris May 01, 2006

so-so joke, but you made it bad. Ever heard of grammer?

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Posted by mastachief May 09, 2006

Hey Lyris, Ever herd of PMS pills? But if your a guy... Ever herd of PMS pills? F***ing Retard!

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Posted by snakeyboy Sep 27, 2009

you are really a jerk to everyone on wocka considering this is one of the few places on the internet where people mostly get along. I mean, I only found your jokes because I read a comment with you being a jerk to enderofgames who has written huge numbers of very good jokes, and seriously, your jokes are kind of desperate and infantile. It seems like you are superficially trying to express yourself in a way that will make yourself seem like other people.

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