Off to Bed With Ya

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One night Aggie says to George "Think I'll go to bingo the night
George... when I'm gone you make sure the youngsters get in and
go to bed"

Now George and Aggie had thirteen kids the last time they counted.
So when Aggie went off to bingo, George went out and made the
youngsters come in and get to bed. For about three or four hours,
one little boy kept crying and crying, so George takes off up
with a split and hits the floor, the little boy cries harder and

George sputters out "What are you bawling about?"

The little boy replies "I want to go to me own home."

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Posted by Giggle Dec 28, 2005

markmonnin you did it again. Stop correcting these jokes. Thats the way they're Suppose to be Of course not being from Newfoundland you would not understand

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