Succesfull Beggar

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A college student walks down the road when he sees a beggar on the side of the street.

College Student (C) : Hey mister! whatsup!
Beggar (B) : Yea how you doin'...
C: So, how long have you've been a beggar?
B: It's about eight years now kid..
C: WOW! Thats long time.. how much do you get per day?
B: Not that bad... about 250 bucks a day...
C: That's enermous!
B: Yeah.. Enough for living my family..
C: Owch.. you got family too! Where are they now?
B: My wife's dead. I got three children, one of them in Harvard University, one in MIT, and the other one went oversea, he goes to Oxford University...
C: *pause, surprised* That's..that's really great... So, when they're gonna be graduated?
B: No kid... they're not studying! They beg in there! just like me!!

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Posted by coolhndsme Mar 15, 2006

very good

Comment score: 2  

Posted by schatzy228 Mar 15, 2006

written so poorly, not even worth correcting

Comment score: 2  

Posted by mgc710 Apr 04, 2006

Good joke, but a lot of grammer mistakes.

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