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A blonde decides to do something wild she hasn't done before, so she sets out to rent her first x-rated adult video. She goes to the video store and, after looking around for a while, selects a title that sounds very stimulating. When she arrives home, lights some candles, slips into something comfortable, and puts the tape into the VCR. To her disappointment, there's nothing but static on the screen, so she calls the video store to complain. "I just rented an adult movie from you and there's nothing on the tape but static." "Sorry about, that," replied the store clerk. "We've had problems with some of those tapes. Which title did you rent?" The blonde replied, "It's called 'Head Cleaner.'"

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Mar 13, 2006

i don't get it

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Posted by honey_11 Mar 14, 2006

no worries joke lover...neither do i

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Mar 15, 2006


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Posted by phantomgal Mar 22, 2006

the blonde didnt get a movie she got a cleaner for the vcr

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Apr 02, 2006


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Posted by speedywheels Apr 14, 2006

dumb blonde.

Comment score: 2  

Posted by kikadez May 29, 2006

now i get it

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