Lunch Break

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A famous professor of surgery died and went to heaven. At the pearly gate he was asked by the gatekeeper: 'Have you ever committed a sin you truly regret?'

'Yes,' the professor ansvered. 'When I was a young candidate at the hospital of Saint Lucas, we played soccer against at team from the Community Hospital, and I scored a goal, which was off-side. But the referee did not see it so, and the goal won us the match. I regret that now.'

'Well,' said the gatekeeper. 'That is a very minor sin. You may enter.'

'Thank you very much, Saint Peter,' the professor ansvered.

'I am not Saint Peter,' said the gatekeeper. 'He is having his lunchbreak. I am Saint Lucas.'

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Posted by fauck Mar 25, 2006

what does this mean?

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Posted by faraaz Apr 01, 2006

i dont get it either

Comment score: 3  

Posted by marigold May 13, 2006

Reread the joke. Saint Lucas was the name of the team.

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Posted by fauck May 15, 2006

still huh? who is that? explain in detail...

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Posted by majesty327 Feb 15, 2011

well what it means is that the docter made the winning goal by cheating, and saint lucas is glad his team won the game

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