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1) What do you say to a Blonde that won't give in?

"Have another beer."

2) What's the difference between a blonde and a solar powered calculator?

The blonde works in the dark!

3) How do you keep a blonde busy for hours?

Scroll down...

Scroll up...

4) So a blonde is walking down the street and she stops to ask a
man the time, he says "O, it's uhh...4:45." The blonde
responds, "Man, I've been asking that question all day and I get
a different answer every time!

5) Superman, Batman, and a smart blonde all died on the same day.Which one got to Heaven first?

None of them.They are all make-believe.

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Posted by beaver Feb 28, 2006

ha ha like the last one

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Posted by kikadez May 29, 2006

mee too

Comment score: -1  

Posted by joke_lover_101 Oct 01, 2006

me 3

Comment score: 1  

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