The Haunted Closet

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Once there was a girl named Maria having her 13th birthday. She had three of her closest friends over. Their names were Jessica, Sarah and Amy. Amy told Maria that she heard weird sounds coming from the closet and she thought there was a ghost in it, but Maria didn't believe her. Next, Sarah told Maria the same, but Maria still didn't believe them. Then Jessica told Maria the same thing too. This time, Maria said "Chill guys! I'll even go to closet and prove that it is safe!" Maria did as she had said and her three friends followed her. Maria turned out to be wrong.
There was a strange noise coming from the closet. She listened closely and heard a mysterious voice saying "I've gotcha where I want ya, and now I'm gonna eat ya!"
Maria got freaked out and said "I don't believe it! I'm just gonna check one more time."
Again she heard "I've gotcha where I want ya, and now I'm gonna eat ya!" But this time she opened the closet so that she could finally relax at her 13th birthday party. In the closet she found a monkey picking his nose with a giant booger on his finger saying "I've gotcha where I want ya, and now I'm gonna eat ya!"

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Posted by bballrox55 Feb 20, 2006

That joke's so funny!

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Posted by bookerj07 Feb 20, 2006


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Posted by stargal305 Mar 06, 2006

funny but a dupe

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Mar 12, 2006


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Posted by kikadez Apr 27, 2006

thats funny

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