The Perfect Mate

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We have found the perfect mate for
all of you ladies out there.

This mate...

will always stop watching t.v. and cuddle
with you without expecting something in return.

Is always happy to hear about
your day when you get home.

Never complains about your cooking, or lack of.

Never gets mad when you roll over in
bed and say you're too tired.

Never yells back at you when you are
having a mood swing due to pms.

Finally ladies here is your perfect mate....

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Posted by bballrox55 Feb 20, 2006

So true

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Posted by taran083 Feb 21, 2006

ya know... the category gives the joke away from the very beginning...

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Posted by EnderofGames Mar 13, 2006

I've read something like this... except it was the perfect mate for men. It said stuff like: "I will come out with only what nature gave my"

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Posted by honey_11 Mar 15, 2006

yeah it did sorta give it away, but it was so cute! i love it...nice one

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